Protean: To be versatile and to have the ability to continuously change and transform

In order to ensure sustainability and resiliency, it is imperative that organisations assimilate decision-useful information and to respond and adapt to their ever-changing operating environment with confidence and agility.

We are passionate about empowering people and organisations to think differently about the way they do business and manage risk

As change agents we leverage our consulting insight, expertise and experience across various industries to add value and drive positive change


We consult to organisations of various sizes and industries, empowering boards and executives to manage risk and build organisational resilience, through the implementation of Strategic Planning, Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity Management Programmes.


Training and Development

We create customised, industry specific training programmes for individuals at various levels within an organisation, which can be hosted in classroom format, via e-learning platforms or boardroom style for executive teams


Technology Solutions

We acknowledge that one of the biggest contributors to effective risk management, is building the right risk culture but we also believe that technology is a critical enabler that can assist with the effective management of risk.

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Client Testimonials

During my interaction and engagement with Junita (Managing Director, Protean Business Solutions), she has proven herself to be an expert in the field of risk management and corporate governance. I have known her to be extremely dedicated and diligent, with a high degree of professionalism and capability. Her ongoing engagement with stakeholders in risk management to ensure the adoption of a risk culture, has been excellent. Junita has been both clear, concise, and demonstrated her ability as an excellent facilitator.

Adrian Tiplady

Head of Strategy: Executive

Junita (Managing Director, Protean Business Solutions) is a dynamic professional that is quality and results driven. She has a passion for risk management and serves not only as consultant but also as a change agent

Gillian Edworthy

Risk & Compliance Manager